Plasdecor perfiles para el azulejo

Check out all of our products. Profiles and supplements for each and everyone of your projects, made with the best materials and using the latest technologies. Profiles with a strong and versatile finish with a great design.

Stainless steel profiles Stainless steel Stainless steel profiles for finishing, decoration and protection of tiles and ceramic flooring. The elegance joined the design.
Aluminium profiles Aluminium Wide range of aluminium profiles and listels to protect and decorate your wall tiles and ceramic floors.
PVC profiles PVC Traditional profiles in PVC, from the pieces to protect wall tiles corners until the tile spacers.Large assortment of colours..
Wood profiles Wood The proposal of new materials for the protection of the steps in any stairs, both in public and private spaces.
Leveling systems and <br>crossheads Leveling systems and crossheads Leveling systems and crossheads.