Leveling clip

Leveling systems and crossheads

References: 3-12 , 13-22

Leveling clip

References High (h) Width (a) Length Pieces per box Product finishes
3-12 0,5-1-1,5-2-3 mm. mm. ml. 300 / box
13-22 1 mm. mm. ml. 300 / box

Leveling calculator table:

Esquema Leveling clip

To calculate the number of clips or screws we need, choose the size of the ceramic piece (colunms X,Y) in centimeters from the table.

The point of intersection of both will tell us the approximate number of pieces that we need in a square meter.

Multiply the result by the meters to be placed.

Regarding the necessary wedges, since these are reusable, as many as clips or screws or the amount that each professional estimates, according to the meters to be placed then, will be needed.


X=40 cm        Y=30 cm        Total clips/screws needed: 33 per square meter

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